Men's Golf Clubs

Having the correct equipment is crucial for you to achieve higher performance in the game. Therefore, you must know how to identify men's golf clubs that are specially designed for your gender. It is not a marketing strategy, there really are notable differences in these clubs and it is convenient to know them.

In this section you can see all the variety of golf clubs for men that we offer you. Choose the purchase option that suits you best, being able to choose between woods , drivers , hybrids , iron sets , wedges , putters and even complete kits . You can also filter your search based on golf club characteristics such as color, brand, price, grades, inches, bounce, and shaft type. Among the brands that we have golf clubs for men , we highlight Cobra , Callaway , Wilson , Evnroll , Titleist and Ping that ensure the quality of all our golf products . If you have doubts about which golf club is the most suitable for you, visit our golf shop or contact us by email or phone.

How to choose golf clubs for men

Men and women alike play golf, but there are clearly certain differences when it comes to playing. The type of grip, the weight, the force and the speed used is clearly not the same in both cases. For that reason, clubs are manufactured with specific characteristics that adapt to men or women.

Although there is a wide variety of men's golf clubs, most have certain things in common. It is these details that mainly distinguish them from the feminine clubs, and you should pay attention to them when choosing.


Men often generate more speed, since they generally have more strength. So the shafts on these are made from steel, and the overall weight of the club is slightly higher.


In general, men are characterized by being taller compared to women. Therefore, another distinguishing factor is the greater length of the club, with a longer grip and a wider diameter.

Buy the best cheap men's golf clubs

At The Golf Square you will find all kinds of men's golf clubs: putters, woods, hybrids, wedges, drivers and more. Here we have clubs from quality brands, such as Cobra , Wilson , Callaway , Titleist and Ping , at a low price. So get yours!

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