Left Handed Golf Clubs

If you are a left-handed player, you should know that you have particular needs when choosing your clubs to play golf. You should try to distinguish left- handed golf clubs from others, as they will influence your game. Discover how to analyze their characteristics to choose the best ones.

Why choose a special left-handed golf club?

Each golf club must be adapted to the player, and to the arm that is predominant when using it to play. For this reason, there are golf clubs that are very different from the standard ones, because they were designed for left-handed golfers. The intention when using them is to bring the clubhead to the ball.

This is done using the dominant part of the body, not stretching the non-dominant part. Because of that, being left-handed, you have to choose the right clubs designed for you. If you carelessly select the ones designed for upright people, you will harm your game.

Considerations when choosing a left-handed golf iron

Before you choose golf irons for lefties , it is essential that you compare between the different types that exist. Take into consideration the characteristics they present, such as:

  • The orientation, which must be different from that of the sticks of right-handed people.
  • The size of the head on the stick, as there are large, medium and standard.
  • The number of clubs, since the set must contain between 12 to 14. Including driver, putter, wedge, irons 3 to 9 and woods 3 and 5.

Find the best golf clubs for lefties here

The golf clubs for lefties that we have at The Golf Square are of the highest quality. You can select from the different well-known brands, such as Callaway , Wilson , Cobra and Titleist .

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