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Golf clothing: How to dress to practice this sport?

Golf clothing is among the easiest sports clothing to distinguish due to its characteristics. If you want to look good, enjoy comfort and perform well when playing, you need special clothing. Learn what options you have depending on your gender and choose according to your personal tastes.

What golf clothes to choose?

There is a wide variety of golf clothing for both men and women that will surely surprise you. There are certain unisex garments that you will need, not simply to follow the trend, but to have a better game. For example, it is recommended to wear gloves to grip the stick without slipping.

In addition, having a cap or visor is also essential if you want to have precision in your shots. Because, by wearing it, you will prevent the sun from dazzling you and causing you to fail. Now, there are specific garments with a feminine style and others with a masculine style.


You have at your disposal shirts and polo shirts with collars and short sleeves, available mainly in neutral colors. For the lower part, you can choose between plain classic or pleated dress pants. Although, if the area is hot, you have the option of wearing pants that reach slightly above the knee.


The variety of women's clothing to play golf is much broader and more beautiful. Apart from the typical feminine polo shirts, shirts and long pants, you have dresses, skirts, skorts and shorts in different colors and styles. You will surely love how you will look in those outfits and how comfortable you will be.

Find all quality golf clothing at a good price!

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