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Here you can buy a set of irons that will make you have better approaches to the hole in your golf games. It's hard not to trust the reliability of these golf clubs as they are Callaway , Cobra , Ping , Titleist and Wilson irons ; the best brands on the market. If you cannot find the golf product you are looking for or need more detailed information about them, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our golf store .

Golf iron set: How to choose the right one?

To continue with a good golf game, it is important that you have an excellent set of golf irons. This choice will be decisive for you to have equipment that contributes to your good performance. So get to know the types out there so you know which ones would best suit your style of play.

Types of golf irons

The different types of golf irons are given by the manufacture of the clubs, and their heads, through these processes:

  • cast irons
  • Forged irons: Steel pieces that provide blows to give them the shape you want. These provide a much higher sensitivity.
  • Irons with titanium: By melting the titanium it becomes strong, as if it were steel, and weighs less. This allows larger heads to be made with certain sweet spots for bigger shots.

What to consider when choosing a set of golf irons?

In choosing the golf iron set, you must take into account factors such as the following:

  • The material of the rods, steel or graphite, since both differ in weight and vibration.
  • The length of the club, because it will determine the quality of the swing.
  • Its flexibility or ability to bend when applying a certain force.
  • The head, because it greatly influences the point of the blow.

Get a complete set of golf irons at the best price!

Here at The Golf Square you will get your set of irons, with clubs that will help you have greater precision when approaching the holes.

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