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Golf visor: How to choose the right one

Golf visor is a type of hat that can gather what you need for a good game. If you have good hair to protect yourself from the sun, it is an ideal accessory. We will show you a wide variety of visors and help you choose the most appropriate one for you.

Features to evaluate when choosing a golf visor

The choice of a golf visor is no small matter. This must present certain specific characteristics to be of quality.


A good fit in the visor will prevent it from constantly moving and interfering with the plays you make. It should be snug, but not so tight that it can leave some annoying marks. Besides, it has to be loose while fitting your head smoothly.


Sweat absorption in a golf visor is essential, especially on those hot days or afternoons. If it absorbs moisture on the skin, or the forehead, it will make you feel very comfortable. Since it will prevent the appearance of rashes.


The purpose is for your golf visor to last as long as possible, without deteriorating. Golf is played outdoors; therefore, for the visor to last, it must be of high quality. It must withstand the sun, heat, rain and cold, as well as other elements that deteriorate such as perspiration.

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