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In this section you will find a large number of models and brands of golf shoes classified as men's golf shoes, women 's golf shoes and children's golf shoes . Among the golf shoe brands we highlight Footjoy , Skechers , Nike , Ecco , Puma , Callaway and Lottusse , benchmarks in the golf shoe market with highly reliable and comfortable products. Dive into all the golf shoe offers and choose the one that best suits your needs. If you have questions about any golf product on our website, contact us, either by sending an e-mail, calling by phone or visiting our golf shop and you will have a technician at your disposal who will help you choose the best golf footwear. for you!

Golf shoes: why buy them and where to buy them

There are many designs of golf shoes on the market, but it is not always easy to choose a pair. They are all different, have different types of closures and are made of various materials. However, that is no reason not to buy a good pair of golf shoes, here we explain the importance of doing so.

Golf shoes are one of the most important pieces for both the professional and amateur golfer. Choosing golf shoes well will help you enjoy this wonderful sport on any golf course.

Find in The Golf Square golf store, the latest news in golf shoes for 2021 in the best brands on the market. You can find golf brands such as: Footjoy , Ecco Golf, Footjoy , Callaway , Nike , Puma and much more.

What are golf shoes?

Golf shoes are specially designed for use by those who participate in this sport. The materials used to manufacture them are different in all the models that exist, but the soles are always rigid so that they can adapt to different terrains.

The companies that are responsible for designing this shoe make sure that it has a good fit. The objective of this is to avoid deformation of the shoe due to intense use or due to the passage of time. Choosing a good golf shoe helps you to be comfortable while you play and to have a better grip on the ground of the course.

Why buy golf shoes?

Regardless of how experienced you are playing golf, a quality pair of shoes goes a long way. There are several reasons why you should tell yourself to buy this type of footwear. Below we list the reasons for making this type of purchase:

  • Golf shoes help you improve your performance on the course.
  • You will feel more comfort and protect your feet.
  • You will have more stability even if the grass is wet or not freshly cut.

Where to buy your golf shoes?

At The Golf Square we have a wide variety of golf shoes, there are for men, women and children. There are different brands and designs, you just have to choose one and contact us to make the purchase.

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