What better than entering the green with the best wedges on the market? Below you can dive into all these wedge offerings from the best brands: Callaway , Ping , Titleist and Wilson . Filter them by degrees and bounce and choose the most suitable golf club for you. If you have questions about any of our golf products, remember that you can contact us or visit our physical golf store .

Golf wedges: how to choose the ideal ones?

Golf wedges are a type of club that cannot be missing from your bag if you really want to practice golf professionally. Knowing the function that each one fulfills will make it easier for you to choose them and learn to use them correctly. Here you will find out all those important details about wedges.

What are golf wedges?

They consist of a specific type of golf clubs. In general, these are distinguished from others by their high-angle loft and short shaft. Because of that, they allow you to hit very high shots, short distance shots and with a good angle of elevation.


It is possible to differentiate the existing types or classes of golf wedges by their degree of angulation. Taking this criterion into account, there are:

Gap : Used in approach shots, due to its angle of 50º to 53º.

Pitching: They have an inclination that varies between 44º and 48º.

Lob : They are used for shots with spin, very curved, due to their angle around 60º.

Sand : They are versatile and their average inclination is from 54º to 58º.

Ultra lob : Its angle is the greatest and can reach 64º.

Key points to choose the best Wedge for you.

You must know the most appropriate way to select your wedges intelligently, as they are indispensable at crucial moments. In summary, you have to pay attention to this:

  • Bounce and grind.
  • Tilt angle of your face.
  • Finishes that contribute to good resistance.
  • Rod with enough flexibility.
  • Manufacturing material that provides durability.
  • Discover the best cheap golf wedges

The Golf Square has a variety of golf wedges from Titleist , Wilson , Callaway and Ping .

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