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Golf clubs: choose the best option

To play golf it is essential to have the right golf clubs ; these can make the difference for each situation in a golf match. Thinking of you, who are a fan of this sport, at The Golf Square we have golf clubs for men, women and children. In addition to having different types and quality brands.

Types of golf clubs

There are different types of golf clubs designed for each specific shot:

  • Drivers: It is the longest club, for bigger shots.
  • Woods: they are also used for long shots, but are usually left for the second.
  • Irons: These clubs are numbered from 1 to 9 depending on the hitting surface and are usually used for distances between 100 and 180 meters.
  • Hybrids: This club achieves the distance of woods, but is as easy to use as irons. They are characterized by being light, modern and very easy to use. They are used for fairway shots and seek to replace 3 to 11 wood shots or 1 to 5 iron shots.
  • Wedges: They have higher angles and are used for short distance shots to vary height and travel.
  • Putters: with it the final blow is given to the ball so that it falls into the hole. This stick can vary in use or height, depending on the player who handles it.

You can also purchase a complete kit. All of them are from leading brands in the sector: Boston , Callaway , Cobra , Evnroll , Ping , Titleist , Odyssey and Wilson ; thus offering golf products of great quality and durability.

How to choose the best golf club?

Buying golf clubs is an investment that will allow you to enjoy each game to the fullest. If you are not familiar with the features of each golf club, you can contact us either by mail or telephone and you can even visit our golf store where you can try our golf products in an authorized environment.

What are the main elements of a good golf club?

Another important point is that we know all the characteristics of our tool, in this way, the control we will have over it will be superior and we will be able to use it more boldly in the field.

Considering that there is a considerable range of options, it is important to note that there are certain points that stand out. They are the ones that we will see in the list below:

The head: it is considered the most important thing to have a good grip, and at the same time more control. It is found in two types, the forged one that helps to have greater precision when making shots, and the molded one that increases the level of tolerance.

The handle: in this case, there are several models of this. The most popular being the “reminder” or the “round handle”. These help to better position both the golf club and the player's hands. And they can be made of different resistant materials.

The shafts: last but not least, these are crucial to enhancing the level of flexibility of your golf club, as well as the speed of the swing. There are 4 different categories, the first is the L,A which is flexible, the second is the R for regular, the third is the S for rigid, and finally we have the X which is extra rigid.

Make sure your tools are made with quality materials

An important factor is that all golf clubs are made with the best materials. As we see, each of the elements provides something that, working hand in hand with good usage technique, enhances the level of play. Therefore, if, for example, your shafts are made of graphite or iron, you will be giving an injection of power to the match.

Price of a golf club

At The Golf Square we have many offers on golf club prices.

We cannot play without good golf shoes, but we also cannot play without a good golf club or a set of irons that helps us execute our best shots.

Choosing a golf club is one of the most important things to do before hitting the course. Discover the best selection of golf clubs and iron sets this season.

And now at The Golf Square you have the possibility of purchasing financed golf clubs . And now you can finance your golf clubs for up to 12 months without interest 0% APR! What are you waiting for to buy your new financed golf clubs?


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