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Driver: Women's Golf Club

Although there are different golf clubs for men and women, the driver has a specific version for women. Its design is specially designed for them, and we at The Golf Square have the best brands.

Why is the driver a women's golf club?

The women's golf driver is shorter in length than men's clubs. Usually the stick is shortened by two to five centimeters to fit the average height of a woman.

Its shaft is lighter and more flexible than men's golf clubs. They also have more degrees so the ball gets lifted more easily.

These are the features that help stabilize shots and achieve greater distance using a women's golf driver. But each player has their own characteristics, and that is why these clubs adapt to all of them.

Find the best golf club for women

If you are a beginner and do not know which golf club is right for you, you can come and try them out at our golf shop in an environment prepared for it. Or contact us by phone or e-mail and you will receive technical assistance from experts in women's golf and in all kinds of golf products.

With these drivers from the Cobra and Ping brands, you will surely leave the field with a powerful and clean blow. These golf clubs are among the best on the market and their reliability and durability are unquestionable. Finally, we remind you that the most important thing when talking about a women's golf driver is that you start practicing!

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