Wilson Golf Bags

Wilson Golf Club Bag

Wilson is a brand that has gained popularity and a high position in the manufacture of sports equipment. Therefore, opting for a Wilson golf club bag is among the best of all. To find out which one to buy, let yourself be guided by the characteristics of the models it offers and choose the one that is right for you.

Wilson golf club bag models

Thomas E. Wilson was the one who founded the company that bears his surname and produces different sports products. Today, this brand is one of the most recognized in the world of sports, including golf. So choosing a Wilson golf bag is an excellent decision, one that you will not regret.

Tour Bag

It is a model that offers functionality and comfort by incorporating several pockets, 9 in total, for different functions.

There are insulated pockets for drinks, raincoats for electronic devices, and valuables are in velvet. In addition, it incorporates a padded strap and a hood to protect you from the rain.

Staff EXO II Cart

This innovative Wilson golf club bag divides the clubs into 14 sections. Its lightweight yet robust design allows it to be carried on golf carts and has 7 pockets. So, if you choose one of these, you will have no problem putting the sticks in.

i Lock III for trolley

The ideal bag for carts is this, since it has a base and a special anchor for it. It also has a handle to take it from the front, 8 pockets, 9 stick holders and 4 well-protected dividers.

The putter section features a towel ring and glove cover.

Staff ECO Booth

The ECO term included in these Wilson golf bags is due to the material used to make them. The company uses a productive method that leads to recycling up to 50 plastic bottles, to keep them out of landfills. It is that act of environmental awareness that distinguishes this product from the rest.

Of course, these bags remain practical, durable, and stylish, as they include all the necessary and expected features that Wilson provides.

Staff EXO II Booth

The EXO II Stand, like the ECO, incorporates a useful tripod that allows it to be supported. However, ease of use and robustness in stability are maximized in this model. In addition, this premium bag has a 5 section divider, non-slip base and 3D foam straps.

Its design is lightweight and all pockets are easily accessible.

Buy your own Wilson golf bag at the best price!

Clearly those golf bags are among the best, because of their high quality. If you buy yours at The Golf Square , you will have variety to choose from and you will save money.

You will not spend a lot of money and you will have your Wilson golf club bag for an affordable price.

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