Golf rangefinder: what is it and how to buy the best one

The technology is also used in golf through the golf rangefinder , this device is also known as the golf distance meter . How can it help you when you play golf? What should you take into account when buying it? Then from The Golf Square we will solve all these doubts.

Features of golf rangefinder

The golf rangefinder is a device that helps you measure distances accurately. The device has a laser that points to the target and returns to the starting point to offer you the distance between the individual and the targeted object.

Knowing this distance will help you determine the intensity of the blow and even which is the best club to reach the target or overcome an obstacle. A good golf laser must have these characteristics:

  • Low weight and small size: 180 grams is a perfect weight for this device.

  • Accessories: such as the strap, protective cover, chamois cloth to clean the lens and instructions for use.

How to choose a golf distance meter?

To make sure you buy a golf rangefinder that suits your needs, it is essential that you take into account the following aspects:

  • Slope function : so that the device is able to measure changes in elevation on the ground.

  • Target Seeker - Newer models separate the closest objects from those in the background.

  • Battery Life – Typically, the battery lasts between 6-12 months. This may vary due to frequency of rangefinder use, length of matches and weather conditions.

Also, keep in mind the dimensions of the golf laser, the accuracy of the measurement and the magnifications of the lens.

Where to buy the best golf distance meter?

To buy a quality golf rangefinder , go to The Golf Square virtual store, as our name reveals, we specialize in this sport.

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