Golf watch: get to know this accessory thoroughly

There are many accessories that can be used by golfers, one of them is the golf watch . What characteristic does this element have? How can you make sure you buy the best? At The Golf Square we talk to you about this type of watch and guide you through the purchase process.

What is a golf watch?

A golf watch is a complement with very advanced functions, such as making precise maps of the courses. In addition, it has GPS, it analyzes each movement you make and statistically follows your evolution when playing golf.

The best GPS golf watch should have the following characteristics:

  • Functions: Among the different functions of the golf watch is the tracking of shots, approach distance, tracking of steps and calories burned.

  • Screen: To see the screen clearly at any time, it has to be digital or LCD.

  • Autonomy: the ideal is that the battery life is about 15 hours when you activate the GPS function. If only the activity monitor is activated, you can have a battery life of 2 weeks or more.

  • Course Maps: Most modern watches have pre-installed maps of golf courses located all over the world. In this way, the player can find the map of the field in which he is and the details of it in a simple way.

How to choose the best golf watch and where to buy it?

To buy the best golf distance meter watch for you, you have to determine what budget you have to make the purchase. Once this is done, choose the features and functions you want, remember that the more advanced they are, the more expensive the watch will be.

Now, where can you buy the watch? The Golf Square is your best option, we have a wide variety of golf watches. Enter the catalog, know the characteristics of the watches and choose the one you will buy.

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