At The Golf Square we know that choosing a putter is difficult and very personal. This is why we offer you the possibility of coming to try our putters and other golf products at our golf store in a controlled environment! If you already know what you are looking for, below you can see the putter offers that we have, all of them from big brands such as Callaway , Evnroll , Odyssey , Ping , Titleist and Wilson .

Putter: What is its function and how to select it

There will probably be some shots that if you don't have a putter, you won't be able to make. It is essential that you know the specific function that each stick plays so that you can choose one among the types that exist. Luckily, you're in the right place to find yours.

What are putters used for?

They are golf clubs designed with the purpose of directing the ball towards the hole when reaching the green. Features include a flat-faced head, alignment devices, and twisted rods.

Types of Golf Putters

The different types of putters have a greater variety of grip, design, material, weight, style and length. These are:

  • Blade : Traditional and classic with flat head and slender style.
  • Mallet : Similar to the croquet mallet, with a rounded and somewhat elongated head, it produces a greater moment of inertia.
  • Heel-toe : Mostly focuses the weight of your head on the heel and toe of the club. This stabilizes the head and increases resistance against twisting.

Choice factors

The determining factors for choosing a putter grips are:

  • Weight : In the standard 35” rod, the average is 360 grams; but it varies depending on the size of the rod.
  • Balance : There are 2 different heads, the neutral ones for easy pendulum movements and the so-called “tea drop” for arc swing.
  • Length : It affects both the distance and position to the ball, so you must be comfortable when you catch it.

Buy a good cheap golf putter

Here you can buy quality golf putters, because at The Golf Square we have many online offers. We also invite you to try putters from well-known brands, such as Callaway , Wilson , Evnroll , Ping and Odyssey , in our store.


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