Ping Golf Clubs

Ping golf clubs: why to select them and how to do it?

Ping is clearly among the leading brands in the world of golf. That's why you can trust that Ping golf clubs are among the best. Discover what this company can offer you and how to choose your clubs among the models that it develops.

Everything the Ping brand offers

The possibility of customization is one of the main features that distinguishes Ping from other brands. Thanks to this, its woods, drivers, putters and irons can be adapted to your qualities as a golfer.

Regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner, Ping brand golf clubs will help you show a higher level.

What Ping clubs to choose for a game of golf?

When buying your set with Ping sticks, preferably make sure you have at least:

  • 1 hybrid.
  • Ping 7 irons, specifically the Ping golf irons 3 through 9.
  • 1 putter
  • 3 woods, including the 3, the driver and the 5.
  • 1 pitching wedge.

Meaning of the colors in the Ping sticks

The brand uses colorful dots on its Ping golf irons for a purpose, and it's a good thing you know how to tell them apart. Its purpose is to indicate what specific angle of lie each iron has, as well as the length of the shaft.

Each color implies an increase of only 0.75 degrees of the lie angle. The tones are: gold (with 3.75 degrees), brown, orange, purple, red and black. Finally there is the garnet (with 4.5 degrees).

Get good and cheap Ping golf clubs here

We have gathered at The Golf Square different types of Ping golf clubs so that you can choose the ones you want. We have a variety of designs and quality materials at a good price.

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