Women's Winter Golf Clothing

At The Golf Square we know that sometimes the weather is not conducive to practicing our favorite sport: golf . That is why we offer you the best collection of women's winter golf clothing and golf outerwear for women : sweaters, jackets, vests and much more. Following our rule of offering the best quality of our golf products , these products are from the best brands in the sector: Brax , Footjoy , Nivo and Puma .

With The Golf Square the cold will no longer be a factor against you in your golf games and you will enjoy limitless comfort. For more information about our golf products, contact us or visit our golf store .

Women's golf jersey: Play using the best models

The women's golf jersey is one of the garments that will allow you to practice golf comfortably. Because it will help you move more easily and perform well in the game. So learn here how to choose the right one and the available models.

What to look for when choosing a women's golf jacket?

A women's golf jersey is essential during winter, but you can also wear it at other times. When choosing yours, it is vital that you analyze their material, brand and price, to choose the ones indicated. This will adapt to what you want and need on the field of play.


The materials in the women's golf jacket must be according to the season and the weather conditions. The thermal is ideal for when it is very cold, while the light material fits in the summer time. There are also fine fabrics that insulate cold winds, and waterproof for when it rains.


When selecting your jacket, go for recognized brands, as this way you will have a quality garment. Unlike the non-famous ones, big companies employ technology in fabrics that further your game. They will allow you to feel more comfortable, have greater freedom and flexibility.


Be balanced so that you do not buy a very cheap, but low quality, or an extremely expensive one, without need. Be aware of the amount of money you have and look for a quality jacket according to that. Of course, the more demanding you are, the more expensive it may be.

Get the ideal women's golf jersey here!

At The Golf Square we have all the women's winter golf clothing you are looking for, including jackets. You can get the most varied and accessible from Ping , Footjoy , Puma , Nivo and Brax . Find yours here to look and perform like a pro.

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