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In this section you will find all the golf carts that we have. All of them are products of the best golf cart brands: Boston , Motocaddy and Rovic ; so any of the golf carts below is an excellent choice. Search among all of them the one that suits you best to transport your golf clubs comfortably and make your golf games a better experience. If you need the opinion of a golf technician , you can contact us by phone, email or visit our golf shop physically. There you can see our golf products and even try them in an environment set up for it.

The evolution of golf carts

Do you know when golf carts originated? These were created when there were no caddies on the golf courses due to the recruitment of young people in World War II. Over the years, carts have evolved to create the wide variety that exists today.

When we talk about golf carts, we all think of vehicles whose designs are inspired by normal cars, but which are smaller. In them there is capacity for two players and the bags in which they carry their sticks. Their designs normally include 4-stroke engines and their speed is a maximum of 24 km/h.

Over the years, golf carts have evolved and there are even those that are small and manual. Due to the great variety that there is, it is normal for me to ask you: How can you choose the cart for golfers that best suits you? We recommend you take into account the following points:

  • Design: You can buy a golf cart that you drive, manual or electric. The latter are made of aluminium, steel or titanium.
  • Weight and size: read the characteristics of the car before buying it and choose the model that is most comfortable for you.

Where to buy golf carts?

The Golf Square is a trusted online store where we sell golf apparel and products, including golf carts . Here you will find models that have the objective of making it more comfortable to transport your clubs around the field of play.

The models we offer you are manufactured by experienced companies known for the quality of their products. If you need a cart to play golf comfortably, visit our catalog and discover the best models available in the market dedicated to golf.

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