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Within the section of golf clubs , we find the woods . At The Golf Square we offer you these high quality fairway woods produced by leading companies in the industry such as Callaway , Cobra , Ping and Titleist . You can come and try these woods at our golf shop or ask if you have questions about any golf product on the web by phone or email.

How to distinguish golf clubs and choose the type of wood for you?

Your choice of wood golf club can make the difference between just a good shot or a great shot. For that reason, when you go to decide, it is important that you take into account this small guide. In addition to learning how to choose it, you will know where to buy it at a low price.

How are the golf woods?

Despite its name, golf woods are not made with this material, currently everything and that its name is due to the fact that in ancient times it was made like this. Now among the materials used to create them are titanium, graphite and steel. Their design makes them suitable for making long shots in which the ball travels greater distance.

They are very useful clubs if the intention is to get closer to the Green . Even if you are not going to use these clubs frequently, it never hurts to have one at your disposal.

Classification of the best golf fairway woods

A wooden golf club can be classified into some of these groups according to its characteristics:

  • Driver: Consists of the wood stick 1 with greater length and power.
  • Golf fairway woods: They are from 2 to 6 and are ideal for long shots, the most common are the 3 golf wood and 5 golf wood .
  • Utility Wood: They are usually named like this from 7 to 11.

How to select them well?

Wood golf clubs are easier to use compared to iron ones, because they are easier. For this reason you should not ignore them. Some of the factors that should influence your choice are:

  • The manufacturing material.
  • The length.
  • The loft or the degrees.
  • The distance it reaches.
  • Buy more than one cheap wooden golf club

The woods that we offer you at The Golf Square are manufactured by leading companies in the world of golf. You will find quality in different options from Callaway , Cobra and Ping that you can try in our store or buy online.

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