In this section you will find drivers from the best brands in the golf club market! You can choose between Cobra , Callaway , Ping and Titleist drivers and we can assure you that none will disappoint you. Find the driver that best suits your needs and get ready to hit powerful and long shots! If you need more information about each driver you can contact us and receive technical assistance or also visit our golf shop where you can test them in a controlled environment.

How to choose a driver golf club?

When entering the world of golf, you must know how to distinguish the different types of clubs that there are. The driver golf club is one of them and, if you want to take advantage of it for your game, you need to choose it well. Here you will find the necessary guide to do just that.

What is a driver in golf?

Identifying a driver among other golf clubs is not complicated, because it stands out for being the longest. That's because the point of using it is to hit the ball as far as possible.

Its length is what will allow you to make a more horizontal and wide swing with it, with greater hitting power. Therefore, on par 4, par 5 or even par 3 holes, it is likely that you will need to resort to it.

Features to consider when choosing the right driver club

As it is not a stick that is easy to handle, especially at the beginning, pay attention to its:

Rod: It consists of the most important point in all golf clubs, and it will depend on your swing. Choose its length and weight according to your level of experience, as it will influence the control you have.

Head: Choose the volume according to the tolerance you are looking for in off-center impacts. While in the material, you can choose steel, titanium, carbon or a combination of several.

Customization: Preferably go for a driver that allows you to make weight, face angle, and loft adjustments. This way you can better adapt it to your swing.

Find a good and cheap driver golf club

You will certainly find the ideal driver golf club for you here at The Golf Square, because we have a lot of variety. Choosing between brands like Titleist , Ping and Callaway , you will get to reach your goals.

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