Right Handed Golf Gloves

A golfer who is right-handed is not the only one who should think about buying a right-handed golf glove. Actually, lefties can do it too, if you don't know why this is okay, we recommend reading on. The information we give you here will be very helpful when you buy this add-on.

Who should use a right handed golf glove?

In case you are thinking of buying a golf glove for right-handers, it is important that you know something: this one is mainly aimed at left-handers, why? It is recommended that golfers who want to use gloves place them on their non-dominant hand.

Sure, how is it possible to wear gloves on both hands, right-handers also have the opportunity to wear one on their dominant hand. But if you only want to put one on, do it on your left hand, as it is the one you need to be more stable.

Why is it recommended to have right-handed golf gloves?

Many do not believe that it is essential to wear gloves for golfers and that opinion is not wrong. This is left to the decision of each player, but keep in mind that although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

The use of a left and right handed golf glove is ideal for the following people:

  • They have sweaty hands.
  • They use creams, these make the golf clubs slip and you don't have a proper grip.
  • Delicate skin, the gloves protect you from chafing and calluses.
  • Play in the rain or in wet areas.

Do you want to buy right-handed golf gloves?

Among the accessories for golfers that we sell at The Golf Square are gloves for both right and left-handers. These are made by recognized brands and meet the expectations of the most demanding golf players.

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