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We welcome you to the women's golf clubs section. Here you will find a large number of golf club offers from the Wilson , Titleist , Ping , Evnroll , Cobra and Callaway brands classified according to their type and characteristics. As for the type, you can find all the varieties of golf clubs that you may need in a game of golf : putters , wedges , woods , hybrids , drivers and a set of irons . Using the corresponding menu, you can filter offers based on price, grade, inches, bounce, and rod type among other features. For technical assistance you can use our contact telephone number, send us an e-mail or visit our golf shop in person.

Women's golf clubs: Guide to choose them

As a woman who practices golf, you should pay close attention when you go to buy the clubs for your game. Instead of using the same ones that men use, you can opt for women's golf clubs . You just need to learn to recognize them.

What are women's golf clubs like?

They are characterized by being a little smaller than men. Its flexibility, in terms of the shaft, is generally of shaft L flexion. This type of club is designed in a special way, so that it adapts to women.

Women's golf clubs are also made of graphite, which is better than iron, and come in different sizes.

Factors to evaluate to choose the ideal golf club for women

The list of important factors, which you should analyze when buying a women's golf club, is this:

  • Size : Check if the size of the golf club is according to your height. By looking at its technical specifications, you will determine that it is not too low or too high for you to use comfortably.
  • Materials : Depending on whether you are a beginner or experienced, you should choose the material. Graphite clubs are recommended for stronger shots and heavier materials are for beginners.
  • Swing : Choose the swing of the club according to the distance from the Green, wind and inclination. There are rigid, regular rigid, extra rigid, senior and ladies.
  • Brand : Go for brands that are recognized for their good technology and excellent designs. Choose one that has earned the trust of users for the quality it offers.

Get the best cheap women's golf clubs!

If you want to get the best and cheapest women's golf clubs, here at The Golf Square we have them. You can select comfortably and freely between the different models, brands and designs that we have.

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