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Odyssey golf: Get the best putter for your game

The renowned Odyssey golf brand is an expert in the manufacture of one of the most important golf clubs. Find out what it has to offer and learn about the factors that should influence your choice of putter. Here you will not only get advice, but you will also discover where the most affordable prices are.

What does the Odyssey brand offer?

Odyssey putter golf clubs are among the favorites of professional and beginner golfers around the world. Due to the quality that the brand offers, both in design and manufacturing, it has earned an excellent reputation.

How to choose the right Odyssey putter for you

The putter is among the clubs that have the most variety, and the different Odyssey models prove it. When choosing, your preferences as a player influence, but you must pay attention to the following details.

The shape of the head: It can be traditional (blade) to hit the arc, or square (mallet) to hit the line.

  • The weight: It should not be too light or too heavy to control the direction and distance well.
  • The face: May or may not have an insert and texture that will make the ball roll more.
  • The Neck: Choose without or with gradual or pipe offset or with a collar connected to the center or heel.
  • The visual aid: There are smooth models and others with lines that improve the visualization for the aim.
  • The grip: Select between wide or traditional, tight or narrow.
  • The length: Choose a 33” and 35” train according to your height.

Find Odyssey golf putters at the lowest price!

If you are looking for an Odyssey pro type golf club, or any other type, you will find it here. At The Golf Square we have the clubs manufactured by this brand at very affordable prices. So you will have no problem getting your own putter.

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