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    Total performance and penetrating flight

    With the new Titleist Pro V1, you'll experience even more distance on all shots with less spin in the long game and more consistent flight, along with control off the green. Drop-and-Stop. In addition to a very soft feeling and great durability.

    Titleist golf balls are among the most in-demand for their unmatched quality. In fact, it is not surprising that this is one of the golf ball brands that dominate the market. A clear example of this is the success of the Titleist Pro V1, a model that you will learn more about below.

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    The new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is made up of three pieces made up of multi-components. It was precisely designed and developed to provide total performance for every player, with the goal of delivering unmatched quality and consistency on every shot.


    Next generation ZG Core Process 2.0, longer distance on all shots with less ball spin in the long game and increased ball speed


    The sensitive ionomeric thin-coverage layer improves speed and controls spin on full shots.


    The Urethane Elastomer cover system provides great control above the green generating "Pike and Stop", along with a soft feel and provides great durability.


    The new design with 352 tetrahedral dimples generates a penetrating trajectory with a more consistent flight.

    What makes the Titleist Pro V1 ball stand out?

    It is a ball that guarantees total performance and a soft sensation, even at long distance. On top of that, it achieves penetrating flight and very low long-game spin. But it has other benefits that stand out, such as:

    Soft cover on the Titleist pro v1

    The Titleist Pro V1 ball cover is made from a soft cast urethane elastomer, it is made up of the softest formulation of all. As a result, the spin on the green is increased and gives you more control of your short game.

    solid core

    Another of the attractions of this model consists of the solid core 2.0 ZG. Due to that feature, the distance that the ball can reach is greatly increased.

    high flex shell

    The Titleist Pro V1 shell has a high flex, which decreases spin in the long game and adds more speed to the ball. It's all thanks to the high speed and resistance ionomer.

    aero package

    The design of this golf ball features 388 tetrahedral dimples, with spherical mosaics, that maximize distance. At the same time, these offer a very consistent flight.

    Get your Titleist Pro V1!

    If you want a ball like the one described above, which generates maximum distance and increases speed, you will find it at The Golf Square. Here we have Titleist Pro V1 golf balls at a good price.

    You just have to ask for it and we will deliver it to the address you indicate, after between 1 day and 5 days.

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